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Persevering During Difficulty

Real talk: work has been crushingly demanding lately. I knew it entering this stretch of a few months and planned out my work schedule, but it has still been a lot to carry.

As providers for our families, there will be stretches where this is the we need to be able to process what is going on to know how best to persevere (see below)...

Here are a few insights along with missteps that I've been processing...

(1) When in a "season" recognize it for what it is and remember it's just that: "a season."

It won't last forever.

Yes, it's easier said than done in the "heat of the battle" but necessary to keep perspective.

(2) How I respond when things are hard is a window into my soul.

Am I quick to want to jump ship? Or am I looking for opportunities to learn and grow?

Do I want to be "found faithful" with what's been entrusted to me?

All are opportunities to show my true colors...I'd like to say I'm looking for learning and growing opportunities, but that's probably been the last on my list lately (ouch).

(3) Get reasonable sleep.

While I'm great at grinding it out, if my mind isn't clear because of lack of sleep, the fatigue messes with the above 2 items mentioned and also gives the Enemy weak spots to attack.

(4) Commitment to prayer/time with God.

Mark 1:32-35 stood out to me the other day.

Jesus was basically accosted in the evening by a whole town of people wanting to see Jesus - whereupon many received healing and freedom from demon possession.

Talk about a potential long night!

What does Jesus do the next day? Sleep in?

No, "rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, he departed and went out to a desolate place, and there he prayed."

I know this seems to contradict item 3 above about sleep, but this goes to show the importance of being connected to the vine (John 15) for our true life source.

While I haven't been getting up earlier, my 25 minute commute has been more rich than usual. The Spirit has fueled me in those times of prayer and worship for what I need for the day ahead...

How about you? Are you in a season like this right now? How's it going? Reach out here if you need prayer.

God bless.

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