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3 Mindsets For Your Fatherhood Toolkit

Along the journey of fatherhood, I've found the following three themes emerge over and over as reminders for me.

When we're "in the heat of the battle" of fatherhood, keeping these mindsets at the forefront can sure be helpful...I hope they are for you too (see below)!

(1) It's never too late.

I've heard guys say and also had some message me asking "is it too late for me as a dad and to make an impact on my kids?"

DON'T believe this lie. Don't be discouraged. You can ALWAYS have an impact.

You CAN course correct. You CAN be intentional. It is possible. Make the most of what time you have.

And the key is YOU, dad.

The more that lasting change for the good happens in you, the more your family will see and be impacted.

It takes truckloads of humility to admit where you've been wrong and then to forge a new path, but it is possible.

(2) Keep the main things the main things.

I'm pretty good at getting distracted by "less than important" tasks and letting priorities get out of alignment. I feel like a raccoon chasing shiny objects at times (anyone else!?!?!).

It's taking daily re-visitation of values in order to realign priorities.

It takes consistency.

I'm not 100% successful at this, but there is progress - which I am thankful for.

(3) Progress > Perfection.

Progress is better than perfection.

I fall into the trap of "if it's not perfect, I won't do it" mentality. Which is a self-defeating mindset (as I know there's no way I'll ever be perfect).

Instead, I'm looking back and tracking forward to see progress...which is encouraging.

Who I was 10, 5, and 3 years ago is not the person I am today (thank you Jesus!).

I can't always see it with short-term glasses on, but over the long-term there is change.

Make decisions today and short-term sacrifices that will affect the long-term outcomes.

Choose well.

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