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Hey Dad, I want to simply say, "thanks for checking out Dad In The Trenches."  


I'm a "dad in the trenches" just like you.  I'm not holding myself out as a "guru" like many that you might find on social media.  I don't have all the answers of fatherhood and parenting.


I'm on this journey of life making mistakes along the way, am still learning, and am a work in progress.  I know what weakness, pride, apathy, fear, and immaturity is like because I have lived them all...and made a lot of mistakes as a man, husband, and father.

But, thanks to the grace of the Lord Jesus, I've experienced breakthroughs, growth, and change in those spheres of influence.

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Honestly, marriage, family, and life in general was pretty awful years ago - due to my own baggage, pride, and apathy.  I can now joyfully say I'm on the path of becoming the child of God, husband, and father Jesus has me in mind to be and our family life is thriving more than it's ever been! It's all a testament to His grace and mercy.


And due to that grace given me, I have a passion to reawaken Christian men to their life with God and to live out their God-ordained role as leaders in their homes, at work, and in the Church.  As I heard one person put it, "I'm just a beggar telling others where to find bread."  This couldn't be more true of my story...


So much of Dad In The Trenches comes out of lessons I've learned as a follower of Jesus, a husband, and a dad over the last stretch of rocky roads in life.  My prayer is that DITT is a help to you on your journey and daily battles "in the trenches", and that in some way, us being connected is a simple conduit through which the Lord meets you, provides you encouragement, challenge, and hope. 

Fatherhood for me has felt lonely at times..."Am I the only one dealing with this?  Am I crazy?  Is this normal?  etc."  We Dads, have a tendency to isolate our emotions and struggles from other men and thus, begin to leave room for the Enemy to lie to us and tell us we're alone.  We go off on our own hidden journey to try and fix our issues by ourselves and wonder why we make little progress.  But, what I've found is that we Dads all feel similar things and go through many of the same struggles.  We are in the trenches, but the good news is that we are not alone. 


To that end, I hope DITT is a 'home base' of sorts for you where you can realize that you are not alone and find encouragement, challenge, and Truth.  


I'm glad you've found DITT and honored to be in the trenches with you.


In the trenches, but not alone.


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