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Why "dad in the trenches"?

Research done by the Barna Group reveals that 79% of young self-professing "Christian" adults will walk away from the Christian faith between the ages of 18-25.

That is a startling statistic. If you're like me, it makes me pause and ask the question: "why?"

There are a host of answers and reasons we could discuss, but one of the main reasons I've honed in on is this: As the father goes, so goes his family. Meaning, Dad is the leader and sets the tone, the expectation, the values, and is the model for what a Christian should look like, believe, how to act, and how to interact with the world.

Unfortunately, we as Christian Dads (myself included for a long time) have passively shrunk back from the responsibility of leading our families, have outsourced the discipleship of our children to Church staff, have been lulled to sleep and entertained to the point of atrophy by culture, and have "forsaken our first love" in Jesus - chasing after other idols and "shiny objects."

This has to stop. Whether you realize it or not, #FatherhoodIsWar and we have to change. We can change. I know it's possible because I am living proof that a Dad can change...from being an angry, lukewarm, and sleepy Believer to being one following God wholeheartedly that is seeking to disciple his kids in the ways of Jesus and living counter-culturally.

I am convinced that revival in America needs to happen in our homes. As Dads turn their hearts back to Jesus and learn to live and walk in the Spirit, our families will be radically changed - followed by the culture.

To that end, "Dad In The Trenches" exists to be a resource to provide Biblical Truth, challenge and encouragement to Christian Dads "in the trenches" of life.

Join us, Dad, and be an agent for Godly change in your family. Let's walk this thing out together. You may be "in the trenches" of life, but you're not alone.

From the trenches,

~Aaron (dadinthetrenches)

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